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Here's How to Change the Accent Color on Your Mac
Technology & Gadgets
You Can Change the Highlight Color on Your Mac, and We Love the Pink!
by Nhari Djan
How to View Google Meet Video Chat as a Grid
Tech Tips
In News Our Eyes Needed, You Can Now Add a Grid View Option to Google Video Chats
by Kelsey Garcia
How Soccer Impacted This College Athlete
Health and Fitness
How Soccer Helped This College Athlete Realize Her Potential — and Set Her on a Path to Doing Good
by Aviel Kanter
paid for by Under Armour
The Best Way to Clean AirPods
Tech Tips
Cleaning Your AirPods Is Super Easy — Here's How to Do It
by Brittany Natale
How to Use Google's "View in 3D" Feature to See Animals

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